:~$ whoami

I'm Iván, known in the bits world as HacKan. I'm passionate about electronics and informatics. I enjoy gaming, coding, designing stuff, sometimes building stuff, travelling, skiing, making devices work the way I want to, whether they were designed to do so or not... I also love wine :)

:~$ gpg | mail hackan

My GPG fingerprint is: 05FE C70F 842D 33F6 0D6B E6C0 3571 0D31 2FDE 468B

So the ID is: 0x35710D312FDE468B

You can contact me by e-mail, XMPP OTR, Twitter, or Keybase Chat.

And, if you want to send me some BTC, use this public address or ask me.

Find me using the nav icons at the top.

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